Metro Pacific Water partners with Rezatec to use big data for water quality analysis

January 31, 2018

MAKATI – Metro Pacific Water – the water investments subsidiary of infrastructure conglomerate Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), is working with Rezatec, the UK-based leader in satellite big date analytics to improve the availability of drinking water and sanitation in Metro Manila and Iloilo.


For several years, Rezatec has been deploying its services to water utilities around the world, and now, as part of a continued global expansion into new markets, it is collaborating with Metro Pacific Water to reduce the degradation of the Maasin watershed area and Laguna Lake – two core sources of water.


Metro Pacific Water commissioned Rezatec to analyze the status of the Maasin watershed in Iloilo, an area that over the years has increasingly deteriorated due to kaingin farming practices and firewood harvesting. Using historic data mapped against new geographical baseline data, Rezatec can monitor deforestation caused by agriculture and illegal burning, and identify damage caused by typhoons and changing weather patterns, all of which have an impact on water quality for Metro Iloilo.


Rezatec will also undertake the analysis of Laguna Lake, a challenging water source because of its area, and its susceptibility to water pollution from urban, industrial waste, and agriculture. Using Rezatec’s unique data modelling techniques and satellite imagery, it will be possible to estimate pollution source locations and dispersion patterns of specific pollutants that may cause water quality to deteriorate.


“We are very excited to collaborate with such a pioneering business. Their powerful satellite analytics coupled with their experience in working with water utilities all over the world to identify the sources of water degradation and pollution are an absolute asset for us.” explained Yang Villa, Senior Manager for Public-Private Partnerships & Lead for Industry Innovation - Metro Pacific Water, Philippines.


“Rezatec is really excited to be working with such an innovative company as Metro Pacific Water. It is clear that the use of satellite-derived data analytics is highly relevant and powerful for them to support their watershed management challenges. By helping them truly understanding their areas of interest regarding land use and water pollution, we are providing tools that can help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and preserve their precious water resources,” commented Philip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer – Rezatec.